GenomiqueENS – Genomics core facility

GenomiqueENS is the genomics core facility of the Institut de Biologie de l’École normale supérieure (IBENS). We assist you in high-throughput functional genomics projects. Our 20-year experience in transcriptomic analysis and an ISO-9001 quality approval guarantee us precision and traceability when treating your samples.

We are approved by the Infrastructures en Biologie Santé et Agronomie (IBiSA) and are part of the France Génomique consortium.

We offer our help in every aspect of your genomic projects. Whether you have questions about funding request, experimental design, management of your samples, use of our equipment, data analysis or training, we are here to help. Do not hesitate in visiting the website to discover our activities. You can go to the contact page if you wish to know more about us.




The facility supports its collaborators by providing access to high-throughput sequencing, with particular expertise in functional genomics applications in eukaryotes :

  • Transcriptomics: RNA-seq (low input, short-read and long-read, single-cell)
  • Epigenomics/Epitranscriptomics: ChIP-seq, RNA m6A methylation

We also propose a sequencing service “ready-to-load” for users who make their own libraries.

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